Seldon Systems: Your Solution for Power Monitoring

With a single enterprise-wide view, our customers depend on Seldon Systems' Continuity software to keep their critical systems operational, reduce operating costs, conserve energy, and better utilize their resources.

Seldon Systems' Continuity product monitors backup power systems at over 250,000 locations around the world.

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Feautured Product: Continuity-SPS

The Continuity-SPS Continuity SPS product provides cable operators with an enterprise-class, centralized, feature-rich, web-enabled tool to monitor all the standby power supplies in their network, even in a multi-vendor environment.

Benefits of Continuity-SPS

  • Enterprise-Class, Web-Enabled and Standard-Based
  • Centralized Transponder Provisioning and Inventory
  • Scheduled Standby Tests for Preventative Maintenance
  • Standby Event Dashboards Prevent Outages
  • Power Visualization and Reporting
  • Integration with Other Network Monitoring or Report Systems
  • Easy to Deploy

Advantages of Using Continuity

  • - Proactive Monitoring

    - Real-Time Reporting, Alarm Notification

    - Real-Time Verification, Diagnostics

    - Real-Time Data Accuracy

    - Complete solution for critical infrastructures

    - Web-enabled

    - Environmental friendly

    - User Friendly and Easy to Deploy

    - Cost-effective